Saturday, February 4, 2012

Walk In A Strange Park

Operation Knothole-Grable, Nevada Test Site, Nye County, NV, Badger device (23 kilotons), the day after I was born.

Atomic War! comic, November, 1952 (10¢)


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  1. Dare one say it -- neat post, Curtis!

    Ah, the heart, flying in the face of the brain as usual, is suffused with a curious nostalgia.

    Memories (and birth defects) are made of this!

    As Jesse Colin Young might once have warbled, Let's all get together and join flippers and limb-stubs right now!

  2. Damn, now I'm laughing when I'm meant to be serious and setting a good example (far too early in the day). Am off to a Robotics Tournament. It's sort of jousting in another medium. Curtis

  3. I love the Louvin Brothers. Don't hear them too often these days.

    Anita (AKA Christine)

  4. I love the Louvin Brothers. Some great artists, whose hearts are in the right places, have essayed Louvin Brothers covers, but they all really fall short of the originals. Such a memorable story; such a high level of achievement; all real. I'm glad that I've been able to play their music for my daughter Jane, a young teen-ager growing up in the age of "auto-tuning" voices. She's very musical and, although she likes current pop music also and wants to like the songs her friends like, she recognizes great artistry. I suppose my favorite my favorite Louvin Brothers songs are When I Stop Dreaming, I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby, and Just Rehearsing, but there are so many other remarkable songs and records. Curtis