Friday, February 10, 2012

A New Being (Herakleitos 68)


We assume a new being in death; we become protectors of the living and the dead.

Memo to Self 2/10/12:  

1. Purchase Here Comes Mr. Jordanon DVD

2. Check delivery status on Acme Ray-Gun Corp. order.


  1. I'm still thinking about this, and am not sure how to interpret it. So interesting. Is he saying that death (and the dead) reside within the living? If so, do our memories of the dead protect them and ourselves? Not finished thinking. My memo to self: pick up a copy of his work. Nell

  2. Having ignored that the entry is titled, A New Being, I'll have to think yet some more.

  3. Seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Hitchcock's (only) screwball comedy, I mean, not the Jolie/Pitt caper.

    Montgomery hilarious; movie first-rate overall, with Carole Lombard.

    Need to see Mr. Jordan; never have.

  4. Nell -- Please keep thinking. So will I. This is my gnostic take on Here Comes Mr. Jordan. I forget which came first -- the words or the images. But I first saw Here Comes Mr. Jordan when I was very young. It's superb and apart from Robert Montgomery, Evelyn Keyes and Claude Rains (as Mr. Jordan) features the great Edward Everett Horton and James Gleason.

    Roddy: I have seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith and like it a lot. Here Comes Mr. Jordan is unforgettable -- one of the best ever, up there in Herakleitos territory.


  5. Interested readers should click the link in Note 2, which takes you to the website of a person who has listed every Acme Corporation product ever used in a Loony Tune cartoon. As someone who is both a great Wile E. Coyote fan and a devotee of the late Gregory Isaacs, I say, as Gregory certainly would, "Go Deh." Curtis