Friday, December 9, 2016



“I continue to want — and to try — to disintermediate myself from this muddle, edify the corporate audit and existential process we are in — while also being a responsible board member, daughter and person,” Chelsea wrote in the 2011 e-mail.

I’ll spend no time on this (it’s like shooting fish in a barrel), but Chelsea Clinton's Wikileaks-unearthed email sentence is about the most pretentious and pathetic thing I’ve ever read.  

I didn’t want to post this during election season (I didn’t post anything then), but this has been gnawing at me. 
Years ago a friend, a smart, very accomplished person who isn’t the least bit pretentious, but is highly insecure, told me how much he liked the word “disintermediate.”  I don’t.  Hardly anyone understands it and even though it’s easy to figure out, why not just use a more common expression, “disentangle,” for example?

As far as “edify the corporate audit and existential process we are in,” I’ve handled lots of corporate audits and I don’t think the word “edify” applies or is suitable, grammatically or otherwise, ever.  As for the “existential process we are in,” gag me with a spoon.

Funny that despite the fact that she apparently holds an Oxford degree in social sciences awarded for a study of the Clinton Foundation's work, Ms. Clinton doesn’t use the Oxford comma.

Hateful.  Begone.

Thursday, December 8, 2016


 The idiot

“Historically, TV had been the dominant medium. We all used to wonder why we spent so much time watching TV. When asked “why TV?,” my answer was always the same ‘TV is the best alternative to boredom. It's the closest we can come to doing nothing while thinking we are doing something. It was always our go to way to kill time’".

“Today, our best alternative to boredom comes from an app.  Firing up an app on whatever device you happen to have in your hand, no matter where in the world you are, is how we kill time.”

I’m na├»ve, I must be.  Watching Mark Cuban, the “tech billionaire,” testifying in Congress yesterday in support of the Time-Warner-ATT merger, I was surprised by the silence – no one interrupted and called him a pestilent idiot – when he uttered the above sentiments early in his remarks.

“The best alternative to boredom.” “Go to way to kill time.”

I’m not a goody two-shoes and I do enjoy television and other entertainment media.  But I can’t regard Cuban’s comments as anything but an offense to the gift and privilege of being alive and sentient, whatever your religion or other moral code might be.

I’ve never quoted (as far as I can recall) Henry David Thoreau, but I think “as if you could kill time without injuring eternity” (from Walden) is pretty good and something I can identify with. 

I knew I thought Mark Cuban was a dope, but now I know why. Jane likes him on Shark Tank, though.

 The other idiot

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