Tuesday, February 7, 2012


ST. CHARLES, Mo. (AP/KMOX) -- 2/6/12

It’s a puzzling phenomenon: On one street in St. Charles County, garage door openers have stopped working.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that no one knows what exactly is going on at Westhampton View Court. The garage door openers at all five homes on the court stopped working shortly after Christmas.

“It’s a weird, weird thing,” Joe Sullivan told the Post-Dispatch. “And the timing for it all to go haywire for everybody at the same time can’t be coincidence, right?”

Garage door companies say interference problems are common at individual homes — they blame what is known as “frequency pollution.” But experts say having the issue extend to multiple homes is just plain weird.

“There is so much radio frequency pollution now,” Butch Martin, owner of Martin Door Co., told the paper. 

“Everything is wireless, and the more wireless stuff we get, the bigger the problem is going to get.”

The Post-Dispatch reports that the Westhampton View Court residents filed complaints with the Federal Communications Commission over the issue. There is no word on how long it will take the FCC to conduct an investigation.


Not so puzzling, I think.  At the houses where we’ve lived, things like this – doors opening and closing, pots and pans ringing, towels dislodging and falling significantly like actors playing a melodramatic scene, and ceiling fixtures crashing down, are fairly regular occurrences.  Captain William Sproat (1757-1793) of the third regiment in the Pennsylvania Line of the  Continental Army lives with us now and heaven knows who else.  These St. Charles, MO people need to lighten up and start feeling lucky. 

Butch Martin doesn't know what he's talking about here and the FCC can’t do anything about this (or anything else most people value or can comprehend.)  

Ghosts aren't their turf. (See The Ring (both the Japanese and American versions are enjoyable), if you don't believe me. (Link.) 

Disturbance Music:  The Disturbance -- The Move (1966)


  1. Have you considered your ten cats?

  2. It isn't the cats. Trust me. Tney're not always around (i.e., I am at our Tuxedo house when they're in Berwyn; it also used to happen at my mother's house and Caroline's mother's house) when the events start. We're lucky, I think. Curtis

  3. Elegant doors indeed, but what's behind them?

    From Stalky & Co:

    'It happened to be King, in gown and mortar-board, enjoying a Saturday evening prowl before dinner.

    "Locked doors! Locked doors!" he snapped with a scowl. "What's the meaning of this; and what, may I ask, is the intention of this— this epicene attire?"'

    We visited the row of terraced houses that once was Kipling's school (the setting of Stalky & Co.) when we were in Westward Ho! last September. I can ASSURE you that the boys walk the corridors of those buildings. I heard them.

  4. Re Kipling/Stalky: You just need to keep your ears open. Or watch the copper pots hanging on the wall start to chime. Curtis