Friday, February 3, 2012

Imagination's Real (God In My Brain) -- For D.D. at 65

Magic, being the science of universal equilibrium, and having the truth, reality and reason of being for its absolute principle, accounts for all the antimonies and reconciles all actualities which are in conflict with one another by the one generating principle of every synthesis – that harmony results from the analogy of opposites.  

For the initiate of this science religion is not in doubt because it exists, and we do not deny what is.  Being is being.  The apparent opposition of religion and reason is the strength of both, establishing each in its distinct domain and fructifying the negative side of each by the positive side of the other : as we have just said, it is the attainment of agreement by the correspondence of things that are contrary.  The cause of all religious errors and confusions is that in ignorance of this great law, it has been sought to make religion a philosophy and philosophy in its turn a religion.

Sculptures:  Dan Flavin

Text:  Eliphas Levi (Alphonse Louis Constant), The History of Magic


  1. I love these images! I am thinking of the philosophers who tried to reason their way to God.

  2. Thanks, Nin. So do I. It took me a long time to "get" and appreciate Dan Flavin. Interestingly, his pieces often photograph magnificently, even appearing brilliantly online. Eliphas Levi's important magic text makes rather inspiring reading. It has a very interesting history. You kind of have to "go with it," which A.E. Waite's translation makes easy. Dave Davies, the former Kinks' lead guitarist and marvelous singer and songwriter, is kind of a hero of mine. Amazingly (it seems to me), he became a star at 16 with You Really Got Me, one of the greatest records ever. I'm pleased to celebrate his birthday. I think this text and these pictures would please him. Curtis

  3. Living in Philadelphia, do you know Hank McNeil? Wacky guy, but a serious collector of modern art. He's got original Flavins and the works of just about every other "name" modern artist in his townhouse in Rittenhouse (if he still has it, which I assume he does).

  4. No, but now that I've learned and read about him, I wish I did. Fascinating. Curtis