Thursday, June 22, 2017


I always enjoy getting reader comments on my blog, but they’ve mostly been pleasant, isolated, and intermittent surprises, only rarely the beginning of any kind of continuing dialogue between lonesome me and a far-off reader. 

So I became sad this morning seeing another blogger’s bitter and rueful observation that his once teeming, vibrant comment section has largely been vacated by his (I would assume) mostly former readers.

This is a brilliant blog by an extraordinarily talented artist. But he’s also a mean and twisted son-of-a-bitch who appears to have gone around the bend in his Trump-hatred.  I suspect that most of his erstwhile readers also dislike President Trump, but this writer's daily, labor-intensive efforts,  consisting mostly of photos with some poetry intermixed, are sufficiently misanthropic, contemptuous, fractured, incoherent, and self-dissatisfied to dissuade continuing visitation, let alone elicit reader colloquy.

As Donald Trump might say, “sad.”  

I would have followed him anywhere.