Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"My Life Split" -- 117 Years Ago Today (Oscar Wilde)


MS. Clark

[28 February, 1895]                 Hotel Avondale, Piccadilly

Dearest  Bobbie, Since I saw you something has happened.  Bosie’s father has left a note at my club with hideous words on it.  I don’t see anything now but a criminal prosecution.  My whole life seems ruined by this man.  The tower of ivory is assailed by the foul thing.  On the sand is my life split.  I don’t know what to do.  If you could come here at 11:30 please do so tonight.  I mar your life by trespassing ever on your love and kindness.  I have asked Bosie to come tomorrow.

Ever yours.                                OSCAR


  1. Wonderful illustrations. My heart sank.

    I know the painting, but can't place the artist. Help, please.

  2. The painting is by an artist named Harvey Bialy, who has an unusual story which you can find on Wikipedia. I also find it powerful. The upper photo was taken by Zoriah in the catacombs of Paris. Curtis

  3. Well, maybe I didn't know the painting after all. Certainly didn't recognize the artist's name. An "unusual story" is putting it mildly.

  4. I thought putting it mildly was the thing to do. He has other very good paintings also. I forget how I initially encountered his work. I may have been looking for pictures that conveyed a sort of Dante-ish view into the underworld and dark forces. Bingo. Doing picture research as I do you uncover a lot of things. Curtis