Thursday, April 27, 2017


Puzzling (verb, present participle) over:
        Confusion’s dimensions and borders; Self-loathing;  Crankiness. 

        Last item is my departure, arrival, all-points-in-between state.  

Yesterday a radio ad related crankiness to age: disturbing if true.  It's my birthday week.  I’m getting older.

If you aren't enlightened like Buddha or Jesus, crafty as a shark on Shark Tank, or a politician, confusion is as natural as clouds and water flowing. 

“Self-loathing” claim-staking (as opposed to actual self-loathing) is so commonplace these days that it has practically replaced “irony” as the contemporary fallback cliche.  With rare exceptions, it signifies only vanity (overproof).  In  mirror rooms reflecting themselves and "selfie sticks," people remain in love with themselves, hating everyone else.

Virtue signaling is the new leitmotif and methodology, replacing all others.  So much virtue around one can hardly stand it.   Even the great Ray Davies, a longtime exponent of occasional sincere self-loathing, virtue signals now.  When I saw that happen, I knew we were finally, really, in trouble, trouble that has nothing to do with Donald Trump.  Imagine that!

Given its constant currency, Virtue Signaling deserves its own blog.

Reel Around The Fountain -- Smiths (Link)