Friday, February 24, 2012

His Number

      I had his number even before he walked through the door. 

      It was a big "O", roughly the shape of the hole in my jacket sleeve and the size of his head.

     The jacket is an old blue wax coat I'm very fond of, and despite its tears and prickmarks, I don't wish to discard it because it holds memories.  

     Zero is neither positive nor negative, but O trended Hellward (sharply).


  1. Provocative and dark. Might there be a sequel?

  2. With luck you won't read it in the newspapers. Thank you for reading this. I needed to get it off my chest. That being said, it's amazing the things you encounter in daily life. I'm highly imperfect, but I try to remember that other people actually exist and aren't characters in a play about me. One more day and then off to Tuxedo for the weekend. It's mild and lovely here. Curtis

  3. I'll check out your reference to the Flatwoods Monster.

  4. You won't be sorry (unless he shows up at your house). C.

  5. Horrible rainstorm on my drive home. Always best to keep out of the papers. I have found that most of the people (well, maybe that's not fair), many of the people I know and meet are consumed with themselves and frequently say and do thoughtless and unkind things as a result. Having accepted that, I try not to seek out abuse. Easier said than done, since it sometimes comes from unlikely sources. My day isn't done. Off to a staff meeting with mostly obnoxious stupid people. Have a fine time in Tuxedo. Nell