Friday, June 14, 2013


You can run but you can’t hide. (See photo in first position capturing a Taco Bell robbery by a Batman-clad thief for proof of that proposition.)

Down here in Provo (where it is absolutely lovely, sparkling and friendly), my only problems are the ones I brought with me. I keep them, as ever, secure in my old kit bag. 

The other week Jane observed, unnecessarily, that my daily blog view stats were “plummeting.”
What she should have said, is that they “plummeted” --  on a single day and since then to about 1/3 their former lofty levels.

The precipitating event, I believe, was my publication on January 27th of a piece concerning Guillaume Apollinaire’s 1916 novel,  The Poet Assassinated.  The post included an excerpt from the Ron Padgett translation of the work, which I accompanied with some fine Jim Dine illustrations and text and visual references to the medieval Japanese Samurai shogun, Minamoto no Sanetomo, a famous poet/assassination victim.

After I noticed the drop, I concluded that the potentally alarming title of the blog post (same as Apollinaire’s novel) had run afoul of certain internet key word filtering shields.  I changed the title, amended the piece to its detriment, and republished to no avail.

I wish I knew exactly what happened, but am grateful for all who continue to visit here, who all must wonder, as I do, “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

And I wish you could have heard Jane’s delivery of the “plummeting” verdict.   

Not exactly what you want to hear, but really dry and expert.  That girl has a future.

Oh - I should discard the bag.  This is a very happy place. 

Surviving -- The Kinks (Link) 


  1. Hey Curtis. One thing I've noticed is that in Google Reader your blog is showing up as being by "undefined" so the couple of times I've looked I've thought maybe this was spam. Don't know if the same thing is happening in Feedly, but worth looking into.

    1. Hi Burton and greetings from Turks and Caicos. Thanks. I'll check this out. When I contacted Websense, a large filtering company, they assured me they hadn't blocked me. Hmm. I hope you're well. The week here with Jane has been kind of refreshing and, I hope, put me on a better trajectory. Today we took a long horseback ride on a splendid beach, which included a stretch of riding in the ocean, water up to my waist. That was unbelievably fun. Thanks for visiting. Thought of you today, by the way, while reading a very interesting book called The West End Front. Curtis