Tuesday, June 18, 2013


  “There are two main human sins from which all the others derive:  impatience and indolence.  It was because of impatience that they were expelled from Paradise;  it was because of indolence that they do not return.  Yet perhaps there is only one major sin: impatience.  Because of impatience they were expelled, because of impatience they do not return.” [3]

Franz KafkaReflections on Sin, Suffering, Hope and the True Way.

Note:  I used to think that impatience was a positive quality.  Occasionally, when interviewing for jobs or discussing my approach to professional matters, I would mention the fact that I was impatient in order to define and distinguish myself.  This seemed to go down well with my audiences (nobody wants a shy lawyer; nobody wants a lazy lawyer), but what I really meant to say was that I had a positive sense of “business urgency.”

  I have difficulty “living in the moment.”  I’m all over the place, all over the map. I generally mis-time things.  I’m good at wrenching things back into the conformation I think I prefer, but I expect now is a good time to change that methodology, which rarely produces optimal results or happiness.

  Seeing the fictional movie still of Victor Buono above and the sad documentary shot of Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi’s spoiled lunch at Scott’s below made me think of Franz Kafka’s reflection on impatience and indolence, which I basically agree with.   

  For what it’s worth, I think people should probably give the Saatchi-Nigella matter a little space before rushing to overly harsh, self-righteous and hasty conclusions, as they already seem to have done.

I guess every little thing has become everybody’s business while Rome continues to burn.

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