Thursday, June 27, 2013


I find myself so running out of steam at this point, but.

Our dear cat Felix (his name is pronounced with a short-e vowel sound; he was named by Brazilian children we knew) passed away yesterday.

He was a large and very handsome mixed-breed cat with a lot of Maine Coon in him.

Although he was really  “Jane’s cat,” as the dogs are “Jane’s dogs,”  during the last two years of his life, after he developed the pancreatic illness, it was Caroline who really cared for him and kept him going.

Felix adopted us after he had originally adopted my friend Jeannie Fallon’s daughter, Megan.  He was probably someone’s unwanted Christmas kitten, who was set loose in their Queens neighborhood and stole onto their porch. 

He was the largest kitten I’d ever seen (frankly, I couldn’t believe he was a kitten), but Dr. Kessler confirmed his age for us at our first appointment.

Felix’s philosophy was “su casa es mi casa” and he made our life and family more complete and very happy.

He died in his sleep on his favorite sofa.   He lived a long life and we will miss him a lot.  I do think that he is now in heaven, massive again and happily playing with Pansy, Eddie and Tiger Lily.

With less and less, it seems, that you can believe in and trust, Felix was stalwart.

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