Monday, June 17, 2013


"A cage went in search of a bird" -- Franz Kafka, Reflections on Sin, Suffering, Hope and the True Way (16)

 We opened our birds’ cage many years ago.  Skip and Flip would return to the open cage to eat, drink, swing and play, but spent most of their days flying around Caroline’s office, which has large windows facing the forest canopy.  They would sit there chirping at the geese and other birds outside, listening to the music emanating from the Mac (Caroline discerned that they favored marches and other military-type pieces) and keeping Caroline company.  It was clear that they loved her very much and she them.  Like many of the best relationships, it wasn’t a planned one.

 During our vacation, our last bird passed away, very peacefully according to Rebecca.  She found him lying, as though asleep, on Caroline’s desk, in front of the window, trees and outside aerie he loved.  These friends were/are great souls.  Before them, I never knew how wonderful birds were and that they could really be your friends.

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