Thursday, January 3, 2013


I had slipped into my stomach, and must have begun to fall into a fairy-like state; for my digestive tube was suggestive; my mad cells danced; and my shoes seemed to me miraculous.  What incites me more to think thus, is that the moment I remarked the feeble noise of a bell, the ordinary timbre of which, seemingly, diffused itself through all my members, like some marvelous liquid.  I arose slowly and, precipitately, went to the door, joyous at such an unexpected diversion.  I pulled it open; an immense man stood before me.
“Monsieur Lloyd?”

Text:  Arthur Cravan:  Oscar Wilde Lives! (from Maintenant)


Top:  John Vanderlyn,  Francis Lucas Wadell (1837); 

Bottom:  James Bogle (based on a work by John Vanderlyn), Elbridge Gerry (1861). 

Oscillate Wildly: The Smiths (Link)

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