Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Dear brother robin this comes from us all
With our kind love
and could Gip write and all
Though but a dog
he'd have his love to spare
still he knows and by your corner chair
The moment he comes in
he lyes him down
and seems to
fancy you are in the town.
This leaves us
well in health thank God for that
For old
acquaintance Sue has kept your hat
mother brushes ere she lays it bye
and every
sunday goes upstairs to cry
Jane still is yours till you come back agen
neer so much as dances with the men
ned the woodman every week comes in
asks about you kindly as our kin
and he
with this and goody Thompson sends
Remembrances with those of all our friends
Father with us
sends love untill he hears
and mother
she has nothing but her tears
Yet wishes you like us in health the same
longs to see a letter with your name
loving brother don't forget to write
Old Gip lies on the hearth stone every night
Mother can't bear to
turn him out of doors
never noises now of dirty floors
Father will
laugh but lets her have her way
and Gip for kindness get
a double pay
Robin write and let us quickly see
don't forget old friends no more than we
Nor let my mother
have so much to blame
go three journeys ere your letter came.


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