Tuesday, January 29, 2013


What You Gonna Do On Judgement Day?
Time runs out, baby, and you can't stay.
Screamin' and cryin', you got to go;
Hey, St.Peter, Won't you open the door?
Yes, I'm coming, Yes, I'm coming,
Yes, I'm coming – 
And it's like my time ain't long. 

Note:  I heard this song on the scary, icy drive back from New Hope yesterday, just before my unstable car was about to face our challenging, steep driveway.  I've always loved it and I think it's wonderful that Sirius XM plays The Pretty Things' music so often.  I prayed that I would make it up the driveway and I did. Now, about that other matter . . .

The Pretty Things -- Judgement Day (Link)

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