Thursday, January 17, 2013


I am afraid, then, that those of my readers will be disappointed who had hoped that I might be able to throw any fresh light upon the invention itself.  And here I should also make it clear that I am not in a position to make any contribution to any of those other controversies concerning time, dual presence and identity which are raging around us now.  

I know the main question the layman wants to ask.  Was my body, in the months in which I was enclosed millions of miles away in space, at one and the same time enclosed in the Asteradio machine on the third floor of Chandos Street?  I cannot answer that question.  Crowmarsh continually reiterates that that ‘is not putting the question in the right way.’   We are left in the dark, and sometimes forced to wish that he would be good enough to put the question in the ‘right way’ himself, and give us the right answer !  But so far he has given no signs of doing that.

The point here is that I, having made by this machine the most momentous journey in the history of mankind, am as ignorant of my transport as any man in the street.  I can only describe my sensations and leave it at that.


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