Saturday, December 14, 2013


Make it so daylight does not enter
Who’s there?
With his cages full of red wheels
Let him finish setting his egrets outside
A rose window of sky-colored grass on which you walk
Between the cobblestones
I see silent caravans much like an accordion on a table
I see the water flowers arranged by species along a riverbank you are
I see night such as birds make with their big square eyes
Birds that have a mirror relationship with fireflies

Not long ago in the country they built large iron constructions
Which are beautiful and tall and like my love
Armatures that are only good for love and the sky
They still don’t know what they are used for
The geniuses that watch over your hands to keep them from lighting,
In the beam of a lighthouse I see white ships falling into distress one
     by one
The geniuses that watch over your hands over your eyes so that they’ll
     be light spinning pins
In the wheels of bird cages 

Slapp Happy: Working At The Ministry (Link)

Excerpt: André Breton, “Make It So Daylight,” trans. Mark Polizzotti

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