Sunday, December 22, 2013



Ive never watched Duck Dynasty.  As a rule, I dislike “reality shows” and established my bona fides in this area a long time ago by rejecting the awful An American Family.   and I never quote the unfunny comedian Stephen Colbert.   

But I thought it was good when Colbert observed that when the current Duck Dynasty imbroglio arose, it was a terrible day for free speech, but a great day for ducks.

The best article Ive read describing this situation, where the A&E Network fired Phil Robertston from a reality show concerning his own family, was written by the conservative journalist Jonah Goldberg, who observed:  “Maybe the best way to avoid such problems in the future is to demand that all reality-show casts be made up of professional actors. That way, reality will never disappoint us.” 

A link to Goldbergs article is found Here.

And for a wonderful, "politically incorrect" song about ducks, try This.

In the meantime, early Merry Christmas.  Were SO far from ready for the great day, but I expect well survive.  I LOVE DUCKS.



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