Thursday, December 12, 2013


I carried this volume, excellently printed on soft paper, back to my cell and began to examine it.  Presently it occurred to me that, though the content was very deep, the wording was such that a man with some knowledge of Zen would not find it too difficult to translate.  It contained some very striking paradoxes, one of which caught my eye as soon as I opened the book for the first time.

A fool seeks for the Buddha, not for Mind.
A sage seeks for Mind, not for the Buddha.

From:  John Blofeld, The Wheel Of Life (1959)

Kevin Ayers and the Whole World: Margaret (Live Link)

Kevin Ayers: Song For Insane Times (Link)

Giorgio Morandi Paintings


  1. All one can say is --- Mo-Mo-Mo Morandi!

    1. Morandi's really, really something. Sitting at my desk the other day perusing the Blofeld book, something I always find stimulating and relaxing, I noticed how soft its pages were. I've had it since college, so maybe that has something to do with it; it's worn in (but not out). Anyway, these came together in my mind. I was hoping that Kevin, who was an old friend, would have liked it. He once released an album called Still Life With Guitar which was a fine piece of work, utterly unique yet built on traditional forms. It's the honesty that comes through and the discipline. Curtis