Friday, December 6, 2013


It's a hard world to get a break in
All the good things have been taken
But girl there are ways
To make certain things pay
Though I'm dressed in these rags
I'll wear sable someday
Hear what I say
I'm gonna ride the serpent
No more time spent sweatin' rent
Hear my command, I'm breakin' loose
It ain't no use, Holdin' me down
Stick around
But baby, Remember
It's my life and I'll do what I want
It's my mind and I'll think what I want

The Animals: It's My Life (Link)


  1. What a great loss this is Curtis..It is almost as if we've lost some good in ourselves..Such was this man's influence on one's person...Black or White ...his heart was beautiful in all colors...

    1. The news, which is settling in, reached me last night as I was driving home from a reception using GPS as my guide and being let down by the technology. It was dark and rainy and the roads were full of busy cars descending on the second largest shopping mall in America and that added tension to the news. I hope that as the proverbial dust settles, Mandela will be seen and considered in full, rather than turned into a tintype or self-aggrandizement tool for living politicians, something that's already occurring in the US. That's the only proper way to consider anyone, obviously. Listening to local news reporting from South Africa was gripping. Curtis

  2. Among other things, an extraordinarily good-looking man.

    I agree about the self-aggrandizement/appropriation of Mandela. These began even before his death.

    1. Hi Chris: I tackle the self-aggrandizement question a bit on today's blog. Cold but sunny today. Wonder what I'll do with myself. Putting today's entry together was a difficult wrestle with Blogger. I'm exhausted. Curtis