Friday, October 21, 2011

"We came, we saw, he died" (from CBS News Website)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sits down for six consecutive television interviews in Kabul, Afghanistan October 20, 2011

        "Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shared a laugh with a television news reporter moments after hearing deposed Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi had been killed.

      "We came, we saw, he died," she joked when told of news reports of Qaddafi's death by an aide in between formal interviews."

NOTE:  Notwithstanding the fact that few, if any, will lament Muammar Qaddafi's passing, lament isn't a strong enough word for what I feel about Secretary Clinton's unwitty and contemptible remark.  I find it surprising that such an ostentatiously (when the occasion suits her) professed Christian would say this, but it's a strange world we're living in.  

I suppose he had no reasonable expectation of different, more humane, treatment.

But seeing our senior U.S. diplomat adding to the mosh pit madness is repellent.


  1. Well, I agree on Sec'y Clinton--she has very very limited ability off-script. Off all the things in the world to say at that pivotal moment, with all of the great possibility to speak to millions (billions?) of people, and all of the chances for education and ______, she chose to say something idiotic and offensive. I guess one could think of something more stupid/disgusting to say, but it would take some (very wasted) time to do so.

  2. Yes -- this was awful. Your "off-script" comment is exactly right, although I've never been terribly impressed with Mrs. Clinton "on-script" either. During the time I worked for my last company, Deluxe, which was a very large employer in Arkansas, I had an opportunity to learn a lot about the way things work down there. (By the way, I like Arkansas a lot.) Needless to say, I think Mrs. Clinton more than adequately and predictably was able to turn her husband's political career to good commercial fortune at her law firm. There's no crime in that per se, although some consider patronage and influence-peddling more than distasteful. I wasn't impressed by her non-accomplishments as our celebrity senator from NY and I think you can guess my views about her post-Senate career. All that being said, why anyone would think these words, let alone speak them, I have no idea. Beautiful fall day here. Curtis

  3. this is what it looks like folks.
    she is a vile, heartless and corrupt
    human being. Along with her partner-in-crime
    husband. the sooner we get our heads out of
    the sand the better if its not oo late.

  4. I was referring to the thought process in general, thinking without content--just her logic--which is really not very good. // There were all sorts of messes when that high-placed small-state stuff got national exposure, and its an old story. Webb Hubbell, Bert Lance (of BCCI infamy, a very deep debacle, for which he never faced any chargers so far as I can tell), and on and on.