Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Depression Kitchen Blog

NOTE:  Wandering around aimlessly in my usual fashion last weekend, I encountered the incredibly interesting, fecund and, ironically, uplifting blog entitled The Depression Kitchen (link)Its creators don't seem to have updated it much lately, but there's a wealth of good past material to troll through.  I've noted elsewhere on ACravan that I am not a sentimental person and feel almost no sense of nostalgia for anything.  I would like to amend and correct this by saying that a notable exception lies in the area of kitchens I have inhabited, and much on The Depression Kitchen reminds me of the kitchen in my maternal grandfather's house, which I considered an Elysian field of black-and-white, Art Deco pleasure and possibilities.  

I suspect the reality of that kitchen was probably not as grand as my "Top Hat"-inflected memories, but I'm content to live on those, on my ancient kitchen tools (extending back to the 1930s) inherited from my mother, and my collection of "Candlewick" Depression Glass.

From The Depression Kitchen Blog:

        "At first it was hard to detect what this advertisement, in Ladies Home Journal, April 1930 was selling. Crisco? Baking Powder? No and no. It’s sponsored by professional bakers, putting forward the idea that store-bought cakes could be just as good as homemade, and save the housewife hours of kitchen drudgery… when she could be out doing something much more worthwhile, like enjoying an afternoon in the country, golfing, or playing with her children. “Let the Baker cut you a slice of spare time – by doing your baking.”

An assortment of Candlewick Depression Glass. It's a great deal of fun and fairly inexpensive to collect, and even more enjoyable to use.


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