Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Everything Crash (2) -- Leonard Dillon (The Ethiopian) and David Bedford

The Ethiopians -- Everything Crash (Link)

David Bedford (pictured with Mike Oldfield) and featured on:
Kevin Ayers And The Whole World -- Shooting At The Moon (Link)

We mourn the passing this week of Leonard Dillon and David Bedford, gifted artists who added so much pleasure to so many people's lives.   

Everything Crash is my favorite Ethiopians record.  It really makes its case and, for me, puts it all into perspective.  (Or, as that wonderful line in Spinal Tap puts it, "a little too much perspective.")

David Bedford accomplished so much as a musician, composer,  teacher, and also through his leadership at the Performing Rights Society in the UK.  For me his crucial work will always be as a member of Kevin Ayers and The Whole World on Shooting At The Moon, perhaps the most imaginative, innovative and poetic record of the rock era.  The collaboration of Ayers, Bedford, Mike Oldfield, Lol Coxhill and Mick Fincher remains like the loudest thunderclap, the most massively visible, but still fugitive, cloud scudding across the sky, and the rippling, concentric pond rings after the falling stoneNo one ever made a record like that before.  No one has done so since. 

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