Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 3: Hitchcock On Eggs

Alfred Hitchcock, known for his terrifying movies, had one unusual fear: "I'm frightened of eggs," he once said. "Worse than frightened—they revolt me. That white round thing without any holes—have you ever seen anything more revolting than an egg yolk breaking and spilling its yellow liquid?"


  1. The egg eater in this house has sanctioned my admission, here in the privacy of our small sharing moment, of a lifelong ovaphobia.

    With the ever-increasing number of passing years, this condition, contracted in early childhood for causes unknown, only gets worse and worse.

  2. SO sorry to creep you out. I considered what Hitchcock said and, although I don't share the phobia, I understand it thoroughly. My father suffered from a genuine fear of fruit. Am also sorry about the creep who has been haunting BTP for the last day. Is he serious, trying to be funny, trying to get noticed or what? Curtis

  3. Curtis,

    No bother about the eggs. I am constantly exposed to them. My partner eats them. She's a lifelong vegetarian; the eggs are for protein. The door dear has leukemia. If eggs would save her, I would build a temple to eggs.

    But on the subject of being creeped out, the reappearance of that blog flamer made Halloween a real spook-fest. I had five flames from him yesterday, three more today.

    It was difficult enough to sleep already.

    This amusing psychopath has over the past three years spent a surprising number of hours riddling my comments boxes with virulent abuse, pathological spasms of invective, racism, misogyny, anti-semitism (his monikers for me include "Clarkberg" and "Clarkstein"), and is now back again, doing his very best to spread hatred in such a way as to offend all and sundry. And of course, it's working.

    His attacks come from the High Desert, Lancaster, California, near Travis AFB. The mingling of Spanglish obscenities in with the standard flamer-lingo has suggested a possible identity clue.

    In several cases on other people's blogs he has made multiple threats of physical violence against me and other relatively pacific hosts.

    He scares me.

    He is a known and feared entity in the small world of poetry blogs. It seems he picks mine because he believes he can lure traffic to his own blog from mine. Angelica stooped to hitting on his profile once and found he's had something like 8000 profile hits. So maybe this scheme is working for him. (But it's definitely not working for me.)

    Some years ago we looked at his blog. We got the impression he is "fronting" some political interest. But who would want to be represented by him, I couldn't guess.

    (Knowing he's around, I put up today's Ginsberg post to annoy him. Ginsberg is one of his pet hates. "Beat" + "Jew" is a sure formula for a spasm of vicious comments from his bunker in the desert. It worked. Of course they were deleted as soon as they were discovered. But we can't monitor continually. Which means that anyone subscribed to a post gets a taste of him. And they used to say the Devil is a bad fellow. But the Devil himself isn't a patch on this guy.)

  4. Thanks for bringing me up to date. I've been receiving his posts because I checked the "please update me by email" box and noticed that you've been deleting them. I expect you (and other friends and relevant acquaintances) have probably taken all the steps you feel you need to, but based on past experience at a company where my boss received a death threat, there's always the possibility of contacting the FBI. As they say, "that's what they're there for" and they used to, at least, take this sort of thing seriously. (They were prompt, respectful and helpful in the case I mentioned.) He's definitely a psychopath and I base this on the things he wrote and the fact that I myself added to his profile count by pursuing rudimentary investigation and visiting his blog. I'm not certain what his political point of view might actually be, but he seems to be giving anarchism a bad name and, as a writer, definitely lacks the "light touch" I usually value. I suspect he'll go away, but he seems to be on a tear. (You'd know better.) A Temple Of Eggs. I'd assist you in your efforts if you asked. I think our family will eventually become vegetarian. I was once; Jane's trending that way, but we're reluctant to impose anything on her at this point. I used to be a vegetarian for a number of years. I loved it and it opened horizons for me, but I was being led around by the nose by a girlfriend and when that relationship ended I eventually confronted the basic unfairness that's built into life regarding the competition for existence among life-forms. My cardiologist gently urges veganism and that's probably the right route for me. To get there, however, I simply need to do some major "re-defining" of goals, tasks and activities. Please say hi to Angelica for me. Devil, bunker, desert. What a combination! Curtis

  5. Funny -- you don't look like a "Clarkberg" or a "Clarkstein." My mother's older sister, whose maiden name was Eleanor Brown, married a man named Eugene Goldberg. Apparently, she didn't wish to be "Mrs. Goldberg" and so she asked my Uncle Gene if he wouldn't mind becoming Eugene Ormont. Anyway, Mrs. Goldberg it eventually was and remains. Curtis