Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy October 20 Birthday: Margaret Dumont, Christopher Wren, Bela Lugosi, Suzanne Duchamp and Arthur Rimbaud

Margaret Dumont (with Groucho Marx), b.1882 (as Daisy Juliette Baker)

Christopher Wren (London plan following 1666 Fire; Spire of St. Brides, Fleet Street, 1672), b. 1632

Bela Lugosi, b.1882

Suzanne Duchamp (painted by her husband Jean Crotti in Attentive Aux Voix Interieures, 1920), b. 1889

Arthur Rimbaud, b.1854


  1. I love the Marx brothers! "I'll tell my lawyer about this as soon as I graduate from law school!"

  2. Dear Anonymous (if that really is your name) -- Thanks so much for writing and visiting. Please come around again soon. Regards, Curtis