Thursday, August 15, 2013


I took this picture of Kevin Ayers and his young daughter Galen walking down a Palma, Mallorca avenue in August or early September 1980.  I expect we were on our way to the wondrous fish market there and afterward probably to an equally wondrous Mallorquin lunch.

As you can see, it was a beautiful summer day and Kevin looks relaxed, happy and utterly in his element both as a Mallorca "local" and as a parent.  Galen's expression, half excited and anticipating and half fearful, reminds me of all the children I've known since becoming the father of a daughter myself.

I love the Peter Blegvad song that follows these words.  I don't know anyone who's heard it who doesn't.  Kevin once told me that Desperate Straights, Slapp Happy's album (Peter was a member), was the best record anybody had ever made.  That surprised me (and still surprises me), but I like definitive answers and Kevin was always judicious and decisive in artistic matters.

Happy birthday (tomorrow), Kevin.

 Peter Blegvad: Daughter (Link)



  1. Beautiful pictures, and of course a beautiful song.

    I don't understand time. I know in one sense that these moments -- the girl on your shoulders -- come and then go, but in another sense I don't know it at all.

    I hope to go to Mallorca one day. When we lived in England in the 60s, that's where everyone wanted to go.

    1. Thanks. It was a great day. It's been years since we've been to Mallorca. We intend to return there this year if we can. It's a lovely place. I first visited there when I was a child and loved it then and it was extremely nice really exploring it with a friend who knew so much about it, had a social life, etc. Deya has undoubtedly changed a great deal since we used to visit. There's a "life celebration" for Kevin in Deya tomorrow and I wish we could be there, but it's not possible. It will be great to go on our own and rediscover the place. As you might imagine, it's Mallorca, not Spain, just as Scotland, is Scotland, not England. One more tomorrow. Curtis