Friday, August 16, 2013


Re-viewing this photograph of Kevin preparing paella at home at 7 Es Clot, Deya, reminds me of so many things.

It’s obviously not the world’s best shot -- it would be nice to see the subject’s face clearly, although the outline of a smile and beginning of a low laugh are evident – but I think it captures Kevin’s very accomplished and natural cooking movements and style.

Kevin's paella was marvelous, among the very best I’ve ever had, and so much better than the mediocre restaurant preparations which are almost universal outside of Spain.  I myself eventually learned to make a creditable paella, but it wasn’t nearly as good as Kevin’s.  And obviously the Balaeric al fresco atmosphere you see here can’t be beat.

The picture re-summons cooking memories (there are many) of Kevin and stirs related brain-drifts.  Many depressive types I've known became excellent cooks and hosts because, apart from being useful and interesting pastimes, preparing and serving your fellow man fine and fitting food and drink is a great way to chase the blues away.   

Most depressives (I am one) passionately want to feel happiness, to laugh, and to share joy with others. There’s no better way to do this than through cooking-borne hospitality.  The rest of the time we do prefer to be left alone to think.

Happy birthday, Kevin.  I wish we could be with you and Ollie in Deya today for the celebration of your life, but Jane’s engaged in some school tasks I think you'd find interesting and I’m trying to figure out which way is up.

We will be joining you there again very soon.

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