Monday, August 12, 2013


Detailed study of all known and accepted Stonehenge moon alignments draws attention to one particular feature.  Whilst there are many post and stone holes that can be attributed to winter moon investigation, there is none that seems to be concerned with summer moonset.  Also, up to the present time only one appears to be directly connected with summer moonrise.

Reference to the Causeway postholes has been made, which in my opinion provide sufficient reason to believe that the line of the most northerly moonrise has been established.  There are also alignments of winter moonrise near the minor extreme, but they are not so well defined.  The method of setting out the Aubrey holes on winter moonset as previously described could equally well apply to the conditions of winter moonrise, but in my opinion a combination of the two is preferable.

CA Newham, The Astronomical Significance of Stonehenge, Shirenewton Gwent Wales, Moon Publications, 1972.

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