Tuesday, August 6, 2013


THE TYPES WERE SPOOFING MADLY WHEN MR YARROW JOINED them in the pub.  Three matches each and you had to guess the total;  they greeted him with clenched fists raised like a party salute:  ‘Come on Yarrow, get them up,’ ‘Room for you in the next round,’ but Mr Yarrow as a rule guessed wrong, and he disliked losing.

‘Be with you in a moment, boys.’  He forced his way through to the bar; behind him the fists were flourished again in the air and the stranger, entering at that moment, stopped in astonishment, believing he had blundered into the beginning of a fight.

From:  Julian Maclaren-Ross, The Dark Diceman (1947), unfinished novel based on the Eugen Weidmann mass-murderer case in Paris, 1939.

Buddy Holly: Learning The Game (Link)


  1. Funny, but years ago when I really became aware of the extent of snooping I found myself partially addressing this unknown witness as I write online. In fact sometimes I blatantly do, especially when I'm upset.

    1. This is currently a big subject for me also, which I'm very sorry about because I feel powerless. It reminds me of William Burroughs' remark about paranoia simply being having the right information. Curtis

    2. And, by the way, The Dark Diceman is pretty good. I'm a very big fan of Julian Maclaren-Ross. Curtis