Saturday, April 23, 2011

Royal Wedding Special -- Installment Three -- Sir Edmund Blackadder's 29 April Appointment At Court

Official British royal wedding guest list, seating plan confirmed -- Mr Bean will be there.


          The full list of confirmed guests and the seating plan for the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton were released by the British monarchy Saturday.

          Many of the 1,900 invitees had already been mentioned in the media weeks ago, including soccer star David Beckham and his wife Victoria, musician Elton John and director Guy Ritchie. But others, like soul singer Joss Stone and Mr. Bean  actor Rowan Atkinson — a close friend of William’s father Prince Charles — were new.

Reader Note:  I should be old and experienced enough and strong enough not to find the news of Sir Edmund Blackadder's close relationship with HRH Prince Charles disturbing, but I do. It's difficult to know what to make of anything these days.


  1. I knew Rowan a bit at Oxford through mutual friends in OUDS (Oxford University Dramatic Society). He was ridiculously funny; I remember an imitation of a baby that left me gasping for breath. Socially, though, he was a bit unapproachable. I'm sure an imporverished expat held little interest for him. Doesn't surprise me he's close to HRH; some of his Oxford friends were very fancy.

  2. Well, it sounds like a great wedding, don't you think? I hope the couple will be very happy. Rowan is now worth over.....L 100,000,000!! I think it's largely based on Mr Bean, which is my least favorite of his works. But I don't think he would care very much, as you said. The Wikipedia bio of Atkinson is very interesting (for those interested in Rowan Atkinson, obviously). Curtis

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  4. My mother saw one of his live shows once, I think she remembers seeing the schoolmaster sketch.

  5. Good morning from Pennsylvania. I have only seen Atkinson's recorded appearances and imagine I would really enjoy seeing a live performance. Blackadder is an enduring masterpiece, although I'm genuinely sorry they never developed a Blackadder series that took place in an office/corporate setting. I think that would have been a natural progression. I tend to prefer Atkinson when he uses clever language to the silent, Mr. Bean, Atkinson, and (Blackadder again), when he had a great foil like Tony Robinson (Baldrick) to work with. The Prince Charles connection weirds me out, but then so do most things. Thanks so much for writing. Curtis