Wednesday, April 13, 2011

From Beyond The Pale: Creatures of What Gods? (Abandoned Animals, Exclusion Zone, Fukushima Prefecture)


Dog abandoned on streets in radiation exclusion zone, Fukushima Prefecture: photo by Tachyon (via Rocket News 24, 13 April 2011)

        I've written previously about poet Tom Clark's Beyond The Pale blog, which daily publishes literary, artistic and other material (including, occasionally, news) of high quality and great value.

         Recently, Tom has been covering the Fukushima Prefecture disaster in Japan and assembling a photographic and news record that you will not find elsewhere on the web, television or newsstands.

        Today's Beyond The Pale entry, Creatures of What Gods? (Abandoned Animals, Exclusion Zone, Fukushima Prefecture), should really be read by everyone and I would appreciate it if readers of this space would take a look at it Here.

        I have forwarded it to several organizations who I think should know about this situation and you might also like to do this.  And difficult as this will be to do, I will be also sharing this with my 13-year old daughter.

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  1. Thank you, Curtis.

    However difficult it may be for Jane to have to consider this now, it may well be that the job of creating a future for people and animals to share together will be down to her and other bright and caring young people of her generation.