Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bee Dream (Blegvad -- Greaves)

Each of us has in our soul
A portion of Eagle,
A portion of Mole.
One soars in the sunlight,
One snores in a hole.
The mountain, which looks like a prop
Is black at the bottom and white at the top.
Soldiers surround it with twine;
I have to cut through it
To claim what is Mine.
The summit is marked by a tree;
My double in uniform challenges me.
He says “is the tree mine?”,
I say "tap it and see."
So he drives in a platinum spout,
He turns the tap on and all this jelly comes out.
Royal Jelly, which I have stored in this tree,
In an earlier lifetime, when I was a Bee.
Yeah, I’m a King Bee, though my wings be furled,
And my kingdom is not of this World.

Bee Dream from Peter Blegvad, Just Woke Up (1995) 
(click on link to play)
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