Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Herakleitos Fragment 8 (Pansy)

I have looked diligently at my own mind.

Trans. Guy Davenport, Herakleitos and Diogenes. 
San Francisco, Grey Fox Press, 1976


  1. Mr. Davenport was a cat person. He kept a cat while on the faculty of the University of Kentucky in Louisville, where he taught many years. The cat was quite independent, absenting himself for long parts of the day and night. That did not strike Professor Davenport as odd.

    One day Guy happened to see the cat enter a neighbor's house. He inquired, and learned that the family who lived there regarded the animal as their pet house cat, and had no idea he lived a double life with Davenport, any more than Guy had an inkling of the cat's relationship with the family next door.

  2. I've known outdoor cats like that. The story is so amazing and so believable. The cat pictured, our Pansy, was an angel and the fragment suits her perfectly. Someone once told me that "three-colored cats are lucky", but really we were the lucky ones. Curtis

  3. Asraf: Thank you for writing. Curtis