Monday, August 16, 2010

What Are Cicadas Saying?: Excerpt from


Lately in our house we've been discussing what the cicadas who speak loudly in Tuxedo every evening are saying.

My own surmise has always been that they're saying "Goodbye, hello", like in the Beatles song "Hello, Goodbye". It's only a surmise; I've been concerned that I had oversimplified the subject.

This morning I discovered the website, which covers part of the work of Dr. Kim Ogden, animal communicator.

This is what Dr. Ogden thinks:

     "Welcome to the world of cicadas -
from the cicadas point of view!

     How can someone "know" what cicadas are thinking and saying?

     I can! I'm Dr. Kim Ogden, an animal communicator.
A real - life Dr. Doolittle

     It's what I do 12 - 15 hours a day. Everyday. And I've helped thousands of people and their animals solve problems and renew relationships.

     When the cicadas came to Illinois this year, (2007), I spent a week, a glorious week, communicating with them.

     I learned that they are just about the smartest, joy - filled, innocent, and sacred species I have ever had the pleasure of communicating with.

     It was an honor. And now that it is almost over, I would like to share with you what they have communicated. Communicated three ways - by sending me their thoughts, their feelings and even images. It was a heart to heart and a consciousness to consciousness communication. From one sentient being to other sentient beings - the cicadas.

     This was a learning and sharing experience for both me and for the cicadas. A time when we both grew in understanding each other as a species, each other as friends.

     And when it was done, and when the last cicada "went to sleep", I cried. I cried because I knew I had touched the hem of something so sacred, so God-like and so joyful, that I knew I would miss them. Until they returned 17-years into the future.

Here are the highlights. Cicadas are:

* Trusting
* Innocent
* Joy-filled
* Loving (they all like each other, they all get along)
* Knowing (somehow they know what is happening to their kin even in other parts of the country)
* Intelligent (When I would introduce a concept or a word, they would immediately understand, or ask questions for clarification)
* Sharing (Once a concept or word was introduced, I would be amazed to find that the next day, a different cicada would use that concept or word in a conversation - so one cicada must have "told" another cicada who must have "told" another cicada, etc.)
* Believe humans are very important to them
* Wish humans would "get outside" more to understand them and nature
* Concerned about their survival and the survival of this planet"


  1. OMG, I have grapped a lot cicadas in childhood, but have never harmed them. But, this is so amazing to be able to communicate with them in terms of what they're saying, sharing stuff with humans, understanding a long-distance signals of their environmental issues. The greatness of God is never known if we don't step up to explore in our daily basis.

  2. Thank you so much for writing. I'm glad you found this. You feel as we do, clearly, about the subject of cicadas which, based on the finally warming weather, will be relevant again very soon. Thanks for visiting here. I hope you come back again (and write again). I try to vary the subject matter. Greetings from Berwyn, PA, USA. Curtis