Thursday, August 19, 2010

Unfairground 2

It catches fire at midnight
it leaves the room for doubt
but everything's so well defined
there's only one way out.
and all the girls are on tonight
the coloured wheels all spin
you're more aware than ever before
you need a prize to win
and all the funfairs will have one
that is the usual theme
no secret Jack in this box
to help the pain within.
quiet country roads and trees
birds sing from a cage
you understand you just lost one
you step outside your rage
and what's left to believe in?
the children in the lake?
I didn't see them go under
let's try another take.
pass me the bottle baby
one day you'll understand
we almost make the same mistakes
and hold each other's hands.
take this particular shade of grey
just for a change I shout
there's nothing in this fairground
that couldn't be left out.
there isn't much left to show you
maybe the tunnel of love
who knows we'll be there forever
just like the stars above


Kevin Ayers: The Unfairground (2007) (Link)

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