Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Et in Utah ego. Some beautiful pictures of the Spiral Jetty (1970) and its creator.

We’re off to the beach (et in Avalon ego; different jetty formations there) later this morning, thank heaven, in search of familiar and unfamiliar birds. I hope my Green Wood Hoopoes are still in residence and the dolphins are out. Jane says that she can’t get the song Blue Turns To Grey (Cliff Richard and the Shadows version) out of her head. For me, it’s Maggie’s Farm (Bert Parks version from the movie The Freshman) and I can’t imagine why that is the case. I expect things will change for both of us when we see and hear the waves.


  1. i saw some dolphins when i was in avalon

  2. We haven't seen any dolphins yet, but I'm going to keep looking. Yesterday was gray, but very, very pleasant. We found a living conch on the beach and returned him to the ocean. We are, as they say, having a wonderful time -- wish you were here.