Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Varieties of Brie (From The French Cheese Book)

 Major Patrick Rance

Brie à la Chiffe
Brie à la Loque
Brie au Poivre
Brie  Bleu
Brie d’Amateur
Brie de la Poste aux Chevaux de Meaux
Brie de Maquelines
Brie de Maquin
Brie de Meaux

Brie de Melun
Brie de Melun Bleu
Brie de Melun Frais
Brie de Montereau, Ville Saint Jacques
Brie de Montereau Bleu
Brie de Montfort
Brie de Nangis

Brie de Provins
Brie de Valois
Brie Façon Coulommiers
Brie Petit Moule
Fromage à la Pie (Coulommier Frais)
Brie Fermier
Brie Laitier
Brie Industriel
Brie Truffé

From Patrick Rance:  The French Cheese Book.  Macmillan, London, 1989.    

NOTE:  Reading through Patrick Rance's vivid descriptions of the varieties of Brie, I can happily report that all of them seem interesting enough and worth trying with the exception of the penultimate entry, Brie Industriel, about which Rance writes: "There is a class of industriel cheese made from lait pasturisé standardisé which the cheesemaker virtually never sets eyes on.  [It] is only of interest to Brie lovers as a curiosity, or a candidate for the Chamber of Horrors."  Regarding Brie Truffé, Rance notes that M. Paul Corcellat of Paris will prepare this cheese to order.  It sounds fabulous and like a real September 2011 pick-me-up.

The so-called "black" Brie -- aged Brie de Meaux

Please note Major Rance's Monocle (Link).

This post is dedicated to Kevin Ayers in southwest France.

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