Friday, September 16, 2011

Peter Blegvad 60th Birthday Tribute: Two Observations

Peter Blegvad, Angel Trap (Blue),
Ink and watercolor impregnated with Suze (liquor made from blue gentian), 1977.

        I wanted to emulate country music’s way with outlandish metaphors and narratives that don’t seem bookish or elitist. I met someone the other day who said he’d quoted my lyric “I gave myself to you intact / but you gave twisted wreckage back” in his divorce proceedings. Always glad to be of service.

Peter Blegvad, Lion — Imagined, Observed, Remembered. Ink and watercolor, 1984.

        The goal of all my work is essentially the same: demonstrating that magic is real or that reality is magic, by paying attention, and finding compensation or consolation for what is essentially a tragic existence. Or something like that.

From Peter Blegvad Interview in The Believer (link)

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