Thursday, September 8, 2011


    The light isn’t up yet.  (I am because it’s thundering and raining hard and noisily again.)

    I’m dreading a barking outbreak from the dogs.  They slept at the other end of the house last night, but their barking could wake the dead on other worlds.

    I’m wondering if, by actually leaving the house today,  I might “break on through to the other side.”

    All day yesterday felt as though I were living in a terrarium.


  1. Curtis, likewise a long night of sleeplessness and bothersomeness here, staying up largely to serve one's sole remaining useful function, the cat-gatekeeper role, while envying those peacefully-resting dead souls on other worlds... until the brilliant bottom photo here woke me up and dredged a smile back up from the depths of the terrarium.

    (All that weather of yours sounds soggily familiar from here, where our last seemingly endless rainy season now prepares to slop over into another one, as if the pause for a month or two of mere fog and drizzle were merely a stop to get a better start. We are being promised three days of "unseasonable" thunderstorms at the weekend. But what is a "season", really, any more? The warming of the planet and consequent melting of the Antarctic ice mass is drawing unprecedented amounts of moisture up into the heavens, that large celestial sponge, whence, of course, it must inevitably be wrung out and come down. This simple bit of commonsense science seems to be too arcane to be cognized by the vested interests of the deranged drowning species, but something tells me the earthworms will have figured it out before the politicos have opened their eyes -- to finally enquire, "So where is that nice dry ark parked, again??")

    1. I realize that I never replied to this. Up, sleepless and kind of achy, trying to repair some old posts that Blogger has stripped of photos. Yesterday's Fissure on BTP, along with the previous day's Bridge, were fine and powerful propellants. Curtis