Monday, September 5, 2011

The Unsteadying Hand ("No Labor Day" 2011)


President Barack Obama (aka "President Zero") boarding "Marine One" for trip to Camp David at approximately 10 am EDT , Friday, September 2, 2011 (early office closing?), ahead of the September, 2011 US "No Labor Day" holiday.  

Prior to his departure, Obama failed to comment about several items appearing in the morning's news, e.g., O % job growth in August 2011, the increase in US official unemployment figures to 9.1 %, and the just-announced bankruptcy of  Solyndra LLC, a Fremont, California solar panel manufacturer backed by $535 million in Federal loan guarantees, US taxpayer assets  likely to be lost in the company's insolvency.


1.  For last year's more cheerful, uplifting and inspiring Labor Day post concerning genius Russian Constructivist artist, Vladimir Tatlin, PLEASE SEE HERE.

2.  For more on Solyndra (and more than you'll find on their website as of yesterday evening),  PLEASE SEE HERE.


  1. I love that movie! Harold Lloyd is fantastic!

  2. Yes, he really is. Have a good holiday. Curtis