Sunday, September 11, 2011


Red Fox Pup

        I did not want to post twice on 9/11.  Field and Stream said everything I could say, including that words just failed me.  Everything brought us back to those moments until the Eagles' season opener took Caroline away from it for a while.

        In the evening, after dinner, we went out to see the beautiful large moon hovering over our house and heard the family sounds of the red foxes who live on our property.  One rarely sees them (that's foxes for you) and it's always a treat when you do.  The barking of the parents and higher-pitched, younger voices of the pups, made the world seem better. 

        Foxes are lucky (meaning it's lucky for you if you see one).   The first time I met a domesticated fox up close was when I was in my twenties visiting Granada, as I recall.  A vendor with an outside stall had a pet desert fox that he would show off.  The creature was so small, pale and calm (but delicately featured and tremulous) that you were immediately transported to the Twilight Zone in his presence.  The vendor asked us repeatedly and insistently (he was having fun with us) in Spanish: "Do you know what THIS is?".  Finally we said "no."  

        Receiving the answer he wanted, the vendor said (in English this time): "This is An HELEPHANT."

Desert Fox Pup

LinkFox Puppy Waking Up

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