Saturday, August 30, 2014


Hank B. Marvin: Waterloo Sunset (Link)

Hank B. Marvin: Summer Guitar (Link)


Nice to read during the long car ride yesterday that Hank B. Marvin had added Waterloo Sunset to his repertoire.  The Summer Guitar track is fun also.  Impossible not to smile thinking of Hank.  I'm so sorry I misplaced the Twang! tribute album with all those great, heartfelt "thanks, Hank" performances by Neil Young & Randy Bachman, Andy Summers, Ritchie Blackmore, Steve Stevens, etc.  Who could that be outside the PSCHS window behind Jane at the Christmas show?  It's still hot but we're on the verge of another season. As HAL 9000 put it (so well), I can feel it, Dave.

Neil Young and Randy Bachman: Spring Is Nearly Here (Twang! lp Link)

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