Friday, August 8, 2014


to creep. (1) To move with the belly to the ground without legs; as a worm.

(3)  To move forward without bounds or leaps; as insects.

(6)  To move timorously without soaring, or venturing into dangers.

Paradise Lost is admirable, but am I therefore bound to maintain, that there are no flats amongst his elevations, when it is evident he creeps along for above an hundred lines forever.  Dryden

cree’phole.  (1)  A hole into which any animal may creep to escape danger.

(2) A subterfuge; an excuse.

From:  Johnson’s Dictionary – A Modern Selection by E.L. McAdam, Jr. & George Milne 

Bush Tetras: Too Many Creeps (Link)

Note:  Pictured in positions (1) and (2) above are representations of types of "creep."  Image no. 3 is a "creep machine."  The Bush Tetras song is for the ages.  Readers will have no trouble summoning and adding their own mental images of other creep forms.  Like rust, creep(s) is/are everywhere.  No sleep for creep.

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