Friday, September 7, 2012


The great city of Athens is the loveliest
Invocation, to cast down as foundation stone for the song
to magnify the wide-flung strength of the sons of Alkmaion,
      and their victory with horses.
What country could you live in?  what habitation?  and name
one more conspicuous
for all Hellas to attend.

In every city the tale is an intimate thing
of the citizens of Erechtheus.  At holy Pytho, Apollo,
they made magnificent the front of your templed house.
I am guided by five wins at Isthmos, one pre-eminent
At Olympia, Zeus’ own
two victories gained at Kirrha –

yours, Megakles, and your fathers’ before you.
In your late success I find some pleasure, but am troubled
at rancor changing beautiful things done.  Even so, men say,
blessedness that remains
by a man to blossom over him brings,
with good, some things that are otherwise.

      -- Pindar, Pythia 7 (Richmond Lattimore translation)  

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