Saturday, September 15, 2012


Art in art is art.

The end of art is art as art.

The end of art is not the end.

                       -- Ad Reinhardt


Note:  I’m currently on a conference call, mute button pushed, tag-team financial planners droning & trying to gull attending-under-compulsion listeners into some form of submission. 

I’m reminded of that funny scene in Take The Money and Run where Woody Allen is made to serve time in an underground bunker with an insurance salesman.

Better to think of Ad Reinhardt: his talents, his achievements, his percentages, his compounding.

As Regan, that poor child in The Exorcist, put it so well, “Mother, Make It Stop.”

Top:  Ad Reinhardt, Painting, 1954-58. 

Center:  Ad Reinhardt, Black Painting, 1960-66, photographed under ultra-violet light after laser cleaning at Art Innovation, Oldenzaal, The Netherlands.

Lower:  Ad Reinhardt,Twelve Rules for a New Academy, 1953.

Lowest:  Ad Reinhardt, Symmetrical Two Travelers, 1946.

Link: Take The Money And Run (@ 8:44) 


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