Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nightmare 2

       I am driving on Sugartown Road in heavy descending fog.   

   My headlights are on.   

    As I turn into Signal Hill’s driveway the car will not move any more.  It’s as though I am being held in place by a giant hand.   

    I see other headlights dimly (or are they my own being reflected back in series?). 

  As the car’s forward motion remains retarded, I feel a push from behind and a presence from outside the car.


  1. Well, Curtis, let's just look at the glass as being half full.

    Foreboding's the spice of life.

    (But those crunching footsteps in the driveway...)

  2. That's exactly how I "roll" (when I'm awake, after I've had my coffee), i.e., most of the time. (I could really use a cup now.) By the way, the latest "improvement" in the NYC subways is the introduction at various stations of large big band-sounding ensembles, sort of like the Harry James Orchestra. I couldn't believe this when I encountered these groups at several stations today. Curtis