Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nightmare 1

        I am waterskiing in the ocean, feeling expectant and happy.   

    I haven’t waterskiied in years, but I’m with friends (friends I can’t identify) and confident.  

    I ski for a while and then find myself, having dropped the rope, in the middle of the ocean, all alone, no boat in sight.   

    The air is chilly and it’s getting dark.


  1. Every word of the description guaranteed true and accurate. FYI, the top photograph shows Rock Hudson (r) waterskiing in Italy in the mid-1950s. Curtis

  2. That's a bad one. Did you hear anything at all when you were alone in the ocean?

  3. Only intermittent up-and-down sounds of wind grazing my ears and small quiet sounds of rising and falling waves. Curtis

  4. The adverse health effects notwithstanding, hypothermia's just a state like any other, the kind, healing voice assured us, as the undertow sucked us down.

  5. An odd one, this. I used to love waterskiing and never associated it with anything but good times. Curtis