Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Mind (Two Views) (Part 2)

There's too much on my mind
There's too much on my mind
And I can't sleep at night thinking about it.
I'm thinking all the time;  There's too much on my mind,
It seems there's more to life than just to live it.

There's too much on my mind and there is nothing I can say.
There's too much on my mind and there is nothing I can do About It.

My thoughts just weigh me down and drag me to the ground,
And shake my head until there's no more life in me.
It's ruining my brain; I'll never be the same.
My poor demented mind is slowly going.

Link:  Kinks -- There's Too Much On My Mind 

William Baziotes Picture Key:

Top:  Cyclops (1947)
Second:  Sleep (1952)
Third:  Sea Phantoms (1952)
Fourth:  Flesh Eaters (1952)


  1. Well, Sure (that great American word, as Del Schwartz once called it), but -- I don't quite get the recipe connection here... insomnia cannibals?

    At any rate, perfect pairing of images and lyric, Curtis: spooky, unsettling, and a bit too close for comfort.

  2. Thank you both more than I can say. Tom, you're right -- a bit too close for comfort. Funny couple of weeks ending up with our current local blackout. It's funny thinking how naturally the Baziotes paintings and the lyrics to the song came together to me, compared to the degrees of difficulty Baziotes and Ray must have experienced creating them. I'm very glad you both liked this. Sure: The cardamom, tomato and carrot soup looks lovely. I'm typing this from a local coffee place where I'm charging Jane's portable DVD player so that we have something to do this evening other than to feel our way along the walls. The date and time when power will be restored is, according to PECO, our local power monopoly, not even currently blowing in the wind. Curtis