Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Bride Stripped Bare By The Bachelors (V. Stanshall/N. Innes)

(So The Boys Got Together And Formed A Band;
Fate Played The Straight Man, And Since Then They've Never Looked Back.)

We arrived at the gig looking rough.
Not happy, We'd all had enough
Of Eight Hours On The Road.

Legs Larry said: "Ee, It's the Boozer for me, dear boy."
(Yip, Yip! Yes, Indeed!...)

And the Hotel Reception was empty and cold,
With horrid red wallpaper, forty years old.
It stank like a Rhino House.

Mr. Slater said: "Pooh -- I can smell vindaloo."
"Oh, really?"
"No, Sir. O'Reilly!"

As We Wave To The People Who Frown
At Our Hair As We Ride Into Town. . .

And Chalky and Noz set up the gear
At the club where the Do-Pal Show would appear
In Person As Themselves
In Person As Themselves

And Neil, Fred and I played darts for a while
Before we switched on our theatrical smiles


Has there ever been?  I ask You.

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